Buddha Barn is a local shop based in Vancouver, specializing in Craft Cannabis. Providing both premium flowers and accessories.

Dear friends and Buddha Barn cannaseurs

Buddha Barn is Vancouver’s connection to premium cannabis.

We believe in BC Craft Cannabis and we are dedicating our time and efforts to bring our local growers back into our store. We recognise our success is due to the love and attention BC Craft growers provide with their premium flowers. Stay tuned to learn how you can be a ground level supporter and receive some benefits doing so!

 Thanks again for your support over the years.

Have a fabulous day,
Jessika Villano

Our Business Relies on Amazing Staff

At Buddha Barn, we are a second family to each other.

Our employees are encouraged to grow, learn, and spread their wings through their time with us as we hope to aid them on their journeys through life.

We encourage staff to pursue further education in any form and emphasize the hiring of those in possession of or currently seeking university degrees.

Service you can trust.

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