Buddha Barn lab tests all flowers to ensure the finest and safest quality.




  • Buddha Barn has received a Business License from the City of Vancouver to operate .
  • Buddha Barn has earned a reputation as a sector innovator since being established in 2013.  We were among the first to integrate on-site health services, pay all sales taxes and incorporate lab testing of products.
  • Buddha Barn started lab testing its cannabis products in 2016 in collaboration with two federally accredited laboratories based in BC.
  • Health Canada started conducting random testing from their network of licensed producers in 2017 to ensure only authorized pest control products are used during  production.
  • The Cannabis Canada Association – which represents most federally licensed marijuana producers – announced plan in March 2017 to implement new safety standards that require producers to limit pesticide use to a limited number of registered products and disclosure test results to consumers.
  • The CAMCD) announced plans in March 2017 to establish a new product testing system for all members that spring.  As of September 2017, this has not materialized.  Buddha Barn is a member of CAMCD.
  • Product testing, labeling and the regulation of edible products will be key elements of Canada’s plan to legalize marijuana over the coming year.

    The health and well being of our members is Buddha Barn’s top priority.  To ensure product quality, Buddha Barn will:

  • Instruct all affiliated producers to comply with Health Canada and Cannabis Canada Association standards and limit pesticide use to registered products
  • Stock cannabis that has been tested by a federal regulated laboratory for moulds and pesticides
  • Apply a label for all products that confirm testing has occurred
  • Cover the cost of all lab testing until cannabis is finally legalized July 1, 2018
  • Make lab test results available to Members upon request
  • Conduct random testing program for fentanyl in response to concerns from Members
  • Improve and update our policy to align with emerging national standards
  • Encourage others to establish similar lab testing programs
  • Be an active participant on behalf of our Members in the development of plans to regulate marijuana sales in British Columbia over the coming year, particularly related to:
  • Consumer protection
  • Legalization of cannabis derivatives/edibles
  • Ensuring small-scale producers and vendors have an opportunity to participate in the new marketplace
  • Continued research and lab testing
  • Developing and improving municipal by-laws

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