What is your opening hours?
Every day 10am-9pm
What strains do you have?
See our Menu!
Whats the difference between sativa and indica?


Sativa is uplifting, happy, euphoric and felt more cerebrally. Indica can be remembered because it puts you ‘in da couch’, sleepy, pain relieving and felt more in your body.

Do you have concentrates?
We definitely do! Check out the concentrates section of our menu
How do I become a member?

See our becoming a member section of the website.

Do I need to have a card?

Yes, you need to become a Buddha Barn member to purchase from us.

Do we accept other memberships?

You still need a Buddha Barn membership to purchase with us, learn more over here Become a member

Is my information safe?

We do not share any of our member information with anyone. Because of this we cannot confirm memberships over the phone because this would be a breach of patient confidentiality.

Do we allow dogs?

Yes! Bring in your dog to visit and they will get a treat!

Do I need a doctors note to sign up?

No. We can sign you up without a doctors note for a $10 sign up fee.
If you do have a doctors note/recommendation/statement with you, we can wave the $10 fee.

Do you carry edibles?

We do carry capsules, tinctures, and oils however we do not carry food edibles. The city of Vancouver’s new regulations banned cannabis in food products.

Do we deliver?

No, not at this time.

Do we ship product across Canada

No, not at this time due to new city regulations.

Do you take credit/debit?

Yes, we offer both credit and debit!

Do you charge tax?

Yes, we charge 5% GST on cannabis products and 12% GST/PST (HST) on accessories.

Do you have any deals?


Yes! We have:

  • Customer Appreciation Day – Last Monday of each month
  • Senior’s Day – Second Wednesday of each month
  • Shatter Day (10% off concentrate) – First Saturday of each month

We also do free birthday joints!


Advice you can trust.