El-DiZZy-Bee’s Blue Cheese Compound Steak Butter


El-diZZy-Bee’s ‘Hummussed Up’ Recipe

Our wonderful cannasseur/ budtender El-diZZy-Bee put together this recipe because she wanted our community of cannabis enthusiasts to have something tasty to snack on that isn't too sweet and is a healthy alternative to eating their cannabis medicine. 'Hummussed Up'...

BBQ Cannabis Nachos

The perfect nachos for get togethers with family and friends.

Blueberry Cannabis Smoothie

Like to wake and bake and do you always have a smoothie in the morning? Well lucky for you we've got a way you can save time by mixing those activities together with this delicious Blueberry Cannabis Smoothie. Ingredients food processor or blender 1 large banana,...

Fruit Pizza

Looking for a dessert that’s both sweet and refreshing, and packed with flavour? Look no further than this Cannabis infused Fruit Pizza, made with a delicious sweet crust, fluffy frosting, and fresh fruits.

Cannabis Chocolate Pudding

You might have though snack packs were dope when you were younger, but that’ll seem like nothing after you soothe your taste buds with this cannabis chocolate pudding.

Raspberry-Peach Cannabis Cobbler

Try making this sumptuous raspberry-peach cannabis cobbler when you want to enjoy a sweet dessert after a heavy meal to tide everything over with the best taste possible.

Cannabis Tacos

Wanna spice up your Taco Tuesday with a little extra kick? Try Serving up these cannabis tacos to break up the same old weekday routine. Ingredients: 1 lb of ground beef 1 small red onion, minced 2 garlic cloves, crushed/minced 1 pouch of taco seasoning* 1 small can...

Sea Salted Cannabis Caramel Squares

Tired of brownies? Probably not, but if you want to change it up anyway, try making these sea salted cannabis caramel squares. They’ll melt inside your mouth as you melt into the zone.

Already Vaped Bud Pesto

Not sure what to do with that ABV cannabis? Well the most delicious use is most definitely this yummy pesto. Spread it on toast or sandwiches, put it on pizza or spaghetti, or just take a spoonful. It’s rich creaminess at its best.