Buddha Barn is a local shop based in Vancouver, specializing in Craft Cannabis. Providing both premium flowers and accessories.

Dear Friends & Valued Buddha Barn Members

I am writing to you today with mixed emotions – and to announce that Buddha Barn is formally making the transition to full legalization.  
This means we are about to jump through the final hoops of the BC government’s retail application process. I want to start by thanking our staff, BC and municipal officials for their patience and professionalism.   


 It has been a stressful process for all at times but I am confident everything will turn out okay. 


I have mixed emotions because while I am excited about the future, I am going to miss working with so many of the wonderful small growers that have become part of the Buddha Barn family over the years. Our humble yet amazing growers have dedicated themselves to providing our members with the products we have all come to love together. I am worried about their future. We all should be concerned. 


Despite the changes ahead, I want you to know that there are some things that will not change through this transition process. The first thing is Buddha Barn will remain dedicated to recruiting and retaining the best staff in Canada. I am doing everything I can to keep our knowledgeable and dedicated team together to so we can continue to serve you better.
The second thing that will not change is our commitment to giving you the best quality product possible from the cannabis that is available to me. This means fighting to get our small growers into the legal market and closely screening the products being offered to you by Health Canada’s licensed cannabis producers.  


The third thing that won’t change is that I will continue to include you in this process. I am planning to establish a taster’s club to test the Health Canada approved products for our customers. Would you like to join? Click here to send us your information!
 I am also supporting the establishment of a provincial craft cannabis co-operative to accelerate the participation of small producers and processors in the legal market.  


Find out more here.  


We are planning to create an opportunity for consumers to support our small farmers.    


Thanks again for your support over the years and we look forward to keeping you posted on this transition process over the coming days and weeks.


Have a fabulous day, 
Jessika Villano   


We <3 Our Community

We are passionate about our neighborhood!
Buddha Barn has a strong interest in providing services beyond our business to better the lives of our people, friends, and families. We accept cash, credit and debit for any purchases made.

We hold yoga nidra, yoga, and meditation classes to facilitate the development of body, mind, and soul, and we host seminars on addiction and other prevalent social issues in keeping with our emphasis on education and personal well being.

Furthermore, we sponsor the SPCA and work with Outward Bound Canada to support abused women and children.

Our Business Relies on Amazing Staff

At Buddha Barn, we are a second family to each other.

Our employees are encouraged to grow, learn, and spread their wings through their time with us as we hope to aid them on their journeys through life.

We encourage staff to pursue further education in any form and emphasize the hiring of those in possession of or currently seeking university degrees.

Advice you can trust.